Common Questions

For recruiters, Search Party is an online recruitment platform which provides you with free, qualified inbound employer leads, together with a comprehensive CRM and tools to provide you with insight into your candidate data. Employers use our platform to find candidates to hire and engage with you once they’ve indicated that they’d like to consider candidates you represent.

Once you upload your candidate data onto our platform, we parse and anonymise each resume so that employers can easily find your candidates by their skills and experience. Our technology provides you with insight on your candidates, such as when they may be ready to consider a new opportunity and what it’s likely to be.

When employers request to see full profiles of your candidates, you’ll be notified about the role along with a proposed fee for engaging and screening candidates for interview. If your candidates are interested and you’re happy with the fees, simply reveal their full profile. You’re able to communicate with the employer and schedule interviews through Search Party, making the process easy and stress-free for both you and the employer.

Search Party brings employers actively seeking to fill roles directly to you at no costs at all. Uploading your candidate resumes onto the marketplace is 100% free, and all of your candidates are anonymised so you retain your data ownership. Skip calling altogether and fill roles faster when you can manage your entire recruiting business online.

Uploading your candidate resumes onto marketplace is 100% free and there are no hidden fees to use the platform. Employers suggest the recruitment fee and you have the flexibility to accept, decline or counter-offer the recruitment fee that will be paid to you.

During our product refocus period, Search Party is free to use in any country that doesn’t offer a managed solution because you invoice the client directly.

Only Canada and U.S. offer account management services where we collect the fee you agreed with the employer, retain 20% and deposit the rest into your bank account.

Search Party operates globally, but any participating recruiters must be based in Australia, UK, US or Canada. If you live outside our key markets and are interested in using Search Party, we encourage you to drop us an email so we can keep you informed of our global expansion!

Employers search for candidates through skills, experience, location and previous job roles. You’re totally in control about how much information you show on your candidates, and until you’ve agreed a fee and proposed a screened candidate for interview, details remain hidden.

Search Party allows you to negotiate recruitment fees that work for both you and the employer. If you’d like to propose a new fee, you can counter-offer to suggest a fee that you are both happy with before you engage any further with the employer.